Frequently Asked Questions About Paddleboards And Accessories

What does ISUP stand for?

Inflatable Stand Up Paddleboard.

What does SUP stand for?

Stand Up Paddleboard.

Are Inflatable SUPs Durable?

Yes. Most Inflatable SUPs are made of some kind of PVC making them extremely strong and also very easy to patch. Many companies advertise their ISUPs as being strong enough to get run over with vehicles.

How Long Can I Keep My Paddleboard Inflated?

Inflatable Paddleboards are made of some extremely durable material. You could really leave your paddleboard inflated for as long as you want. The only thing I would recommend is releasing a small amount of air when not in use and storing the board in a shaded area. You should never leave a fully inflated ISUP sitting in the sun unused and out of the water for too long. The air in it can expand from overheating and potentially damage your board.

Can I Use an Electric Pump on My Paddleboard?

Yes! Most boards have a Halkey-Roberts valve which is compatible with electric pumps. If your board does not have a Halkey-Roberts valve attachments are available to attach an electric pump to your board. Usually what I do is attach my board to an electric pump until it is mostly inflated, then use my manual pump with a gauge to pump it to the correct psi.

How Do I Deflate My Paddleboard?

Most valves release by either just pushing down on the button in it or pressing down and twisting the button to lock it. You want the valve to be dry so no water will get inside the board and you should be ready for a quick release of air. It can be noisy and a little surprising the first time. Once you have opened the valve you can either roll up the board or fold it to get out the rest of the air. Once fully deflated close the valve and you are all set.

How Do I Store My Paddleboard?

I would recommend rinsing off your board after every use. After rinsing let it dry off completely before rolling or folding it up and putting it in its bag. You can also store your board inflated, but it is recommended to not leave it fully inflated.